Blaze Specifications.

Spaceframe made from square and round-tube steel. Fully triangulated.

Six-piece GRP bodywork supplied in white gel coat or gel coat finish ready for painting. Uses Peugeot 205 windscreen.

Donor car:
No single donor.

Engine options:
Most power units from transverse engined cars can be fitted. Typically, it would be a Ford Zetec or Duratec four-cylinder, Duratec V6 or Audi 1.8-litre Turbo transverse or transaxle. Many motorcycle engines.
The entry level engine is the 160 BHP version; however there are a number of other options available including the 180 BHP, 200 BHP, 220 BHP, 250 BHP and 280 BHP versions!

Front – Double wishbones with adjustable coil-over dampers.
Rear – Double wishbones with adjustable coil-over dampers.

Aeon designed steering rack available with different ratios, typically a Ford Mondeo column.

Discs all-round. SVA compliant bias adjustment.


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