Blaze Motorsport projects.

Blaze Motorsport was founded by John Hewat to design and build a two-seater road/track car. John has a wealth of experience coming from an engineering background, serving his apprenticeship with the M.O.D. In his early years he built and raced karts and trials cars, and for the last 17 years has prepared cars and competed in sprints and hill climbs.

If you think you reconize the car, you probably do. It was formerly marketed – albeit in a very low key way as the Genesis by Pell Automotive.Blaze Motorsport bought the project and renamed it the Blaze.

Style and Handling

The Blaze mixes the body styling of what was known as the Pell Genesis with the proven chassis and suspension set-up of Aeon’s existing three-seat GT3. And what it loses in seating capacity (the Blaze is a conventional two-seater) it gains in swoopier looks.

Proven History

Not only is it lighter than it was in Genesis guise, it also benefits from the durability testing that the GT³ underwent at MIRA. That car acquitted itself very well, lasting one and three quarters its projected life span without failure. The tried and tested formula is applied to a chassis shortened by 100mm and clothed with attractive bodywork that looks great from all angles.

Easy Self Build

A major consideration during the Blaze’s conception was its ease of build. The mid-engined layout means a whole range of engine/transmission configurations can be fitted easily and cheaply, the wiring loom is a simple operation of plugging it in and the bodywork – devoid of doors to hang – bolts on to the chassis.

With its combination of great looks (a budget conscious self-build will be less than £10,000), proven handling and durability and a straightforward build, the new Blaze is easily become a firm kit car favourite.

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